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1. What is RCT? How does it save the tooth?

Ans. RCT or Root Canal Treatment is done to save severely decayed tooth so that the tooth can be preserved without extraction and can be restored and used with full function as a normal functioning tooth. When tooth decay reaches the tooth pulp which is the innermost part of the tooth, it leads to pain. RCT is removal of this infected pulp and restoration of the pulp canal with medicaments and filling materials to save the tooth, which then becomes free from infection.

2. What are Impacted teeth? Should I remove them?

Ans. Impacted teeth or un-erupted 3rd molars are wisdom teeth which haven’t erupted to the normal position in the mouth at the right age. In that case the tooth which remains locked inside the jaws may lead to infection in and around that tooth area and becomes a centre to attract micro-organisms. If these teeth are partially erupted food lodges between these teeth and the overlying gums leading to infection again. Hence it is best recommended to remove them, if they do not come out at the right age( 18-25 ) or if it causes problems like cheek biting, food impaction, pain, or swelling. It is also adviced to remove them if you find it difficult to clean them routinely ( brush dosent reach that area ).

3. When and how often do I need a dental checkup ?

Ans. It is adviced to meet your dentist regularly as the oral cavity is the gateway to nutrition which gives health. Get your dental status diagnosed every 6 months. Prevention is better than cure.

4. What is the right age for orthodontic treatment ?

Ans. Crooked and protruded teeth, irregularity in the growth of jaws and birth anomalies like cleft palate and lips, absence of teeth, etc are problems which cause severe aesthetic and functional problems. Hence diagnose these problems early and get them treated at the right age. Treatments start at very early ages depending on the problem and severity. So meet your dentist as early as you see these problems developing.

5. What is the age limit for a dental implant?

Ans. Anyone in good health is a possible candidate for dental implants. There are a few absolute contraindications to the surgery, however. They include uncontrolled diabetes and substance abuse.

6. How long will my crown last?

Ans. Crowned teeth are neither stronger nor weaker than your natural teeth. In fact, crowns are used for strengthening weakened teeth. With proper daily home care and regular professional maintenance crowned teeth will last for decades.
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