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Apex Dental Hospital
Dr. Amandeep Singh
Dr. Jasmeen
S-8, Sector 43, Shopping Complex, Swarn Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur 302020
0141 3263957
98283 10044 (M)
D-9/106, Chitrakoot, Opp. Swami Narayan Mandir, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur 302021
0141 2441344
97853 10044 (M)


Dental Treatments

We offer various dental treatments in our clinic. All the treatments offered by us have somehow increased the availability of dental care to the thousands of people all over India. Here is a list of treatments that we provide:

Preventive Procedures

  • Diet counselling
  • Oral prophylaxis

Conservative Procedures

  • Silver Filling
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Crowns And Bridges
  • Tooth Colored Composite
  • Post & Core

Replacement Procedures

  • Fixed partial dentures
  • Removable partial dentures
  • Implants
  • Cast Partial Dentures

Cosmetic Procedure

  • Bleaching
  • Direct veneers
  • Indirect veneers
  • Laminates
  • Smile Designing
  • Depigmentation of gums
  • Midlinediastena Closure

Child Care Dentistry

  • Pit and fissure sealing
  • Fluoride application
  • Habbit breaking appliance

Orthodontic Procedures

  • Fixed orthodontics
  • Removable orthodontics

Surgical Procedures

  • Extraction
  • Impaction
  • Periodontal Surgery
  • Minor oral surgical procedures


Apex Dental HospitalSterilization
Our hospital has a total infection control system comprising of:

  • Autoclave
  • Chemical sterilization and disinfectants
  • Glass bead sterilizer for root canal instruments
  • Disposable gloves ,masks and head caps
  • Hygienic conditions and excellent ambience

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