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Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry : The New Anxiety-Free Dentistry Yes, you can be comfortable!
We provide Intravenous (sleep) Sedation for the highly scared patient. We also treat patients that simply want a more comfortable dental experience. Intravenous Sedation is an advanced sedative technique. It differs from the “oral conscious sedation” method that some other offices advertise, because it is a more controlled and deeper method of sedation. Special permitting is required to perform the technique. Sleep dentistry makes it possible for you to get your dental work done now before there is more damage to your teeth and your overall health.

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Here’show sleep dentistry works
After an initial consultation with a sleep dentist you’ll take a medication just before your next visit. You’ll need a friend to help transport you to and from the office safely.

When you arrive for your appointment you’ll be awake, but drowsy. Most important, you’ll be relaxed and anxiety free. While you’re in the chair, the sleep dentist and sleep dentistry team monitors you closely. You won’t be unconscious, you’ll just enjoy a soothing mental and emotional "distance" from the goings on.

Next thing you’ll know, your sleep dentist is telling you the procedure is complete and it is time to go home - thanks to anxiety-free sleep dentistry.


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